Our Top 5 Halloween Costumes For Your Little One This Year

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Our Top 5 Halloween Costumes For Your Little One This Year

It's time to break out the jack-o'-lanterns, load up on mini-candy bars, and start looking for the right Halloween costumes for your children. From the classics (hello, pirate!) to the most up-to-date characters, superheroes, and villains, take a look at this fun list of costumes with your kids to see what they think will be popular this season. 


1. Spider Man


Your kid can't wait for the new Spider Man movie coming out in December? We can't either! Let your little one unleash their spidey-senses in this web-spinning costume! 


2. Power Ranger 

What's your child's favorite power ranger? (Ours is pink!) In this costume, take on the night and "go go" trick-or-treating!


3. Pirate


A classic costume for good reason. Arrr you ready for some treats this Halloween? We sure are! 


4. Alien Abduction

Explore the universe of possibilities with this fun costume! This is perfect for the goofball or geek (bonus if your kid is both)! Whether they like Men In Black or Ancient Aliens, they'll have the time of their life in the mothership this Halloween. 


5. GhostBusters

Who you gonna call? Bust some unwanted spirits this spooky season with this cult classic outfit! Bonus points if you carry ectoplasm (green slime) with you!


Halloween is a fun and exciting time of year for kids and parents to dress up as their favorite characters from books, movies, and television shows to design unique costumes that represent a fun idea, career, theme, or favorite character from a book, movie, or television show.

Dress-up is an excellent activity to promote all year long, so don't limit the excitement and learning to just a few weeks in October! Check out The Benefits of Playing Dress-Up with Your Kids!